We all want to live a better life, 

but life gets in the way –

bills to pay, 

jobs to go to, 

and, like many of us, 

countries to leave due to economic & political unrest.

So how do we wade through all of this and move towards the happier, more fulfilled life that we want?  

1. Daydream until your dream turns into options- 

Day dreaming repeatedly creates different scenarios.  These scenarios become choices you might not have thought of.   Choices and options are far easier to take than decisions.

Add music like jazz to the mix and you could open yourself up to new possibilities.    As an added bonus, looking at what your daydreams are about,  you start realising which of your existing plans are actually important to you and worth pursuing.  

Day dreaming sidesteps your fear of failure, and other blocks you have, that stop you moving forward.  

shallow focus photography of person holding paper plane

2. Be inquisitive- 

Visit, read, ask questions, join Facebook pages, and feed this information back into your daydreams to come up with richer scenarios that could work.  

Challenge your preconceived ideas of what will work.  

Don’t delay your investigations until your think you are ready with money and time. Do it now!

3. Foster discontent-

 Only when we dislike where we are, when we are unhappy, are we motivated to change.  And only when we understand what we dislike, can we change it.

Glossing over the problems, justifying your position, or feeling it is what we deserve, means we will not move on.  

This can end in you leaving that toxic workplace, dropping friends who don’t leave you feeling good after a visit, and changing the way you speak about people and situations.

We do deserve more and understanding why we are discontented can provide alternate and better routes to a satisfactory solution.

woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

4.  Tweak your assets-

like furniture in a room, there are many layouts, and some serve you better than others  

Money, housing, vehicles, skills, time are all assets that can be positioned differently.  

Perhaps a different layout of your time and property will give you a higher income that you thought possible.  

Sell some of your unused items to cover deposits, debts or saving towards a dream.  

Only buy from charity stores when you really need something rather than shelling out for new.  

Maximise your time by using the Pomodora technique- it pushes up your productivity and leads you to be more focused and understand what you can actually achieve in a mere 25 minutes.

5. Ritualise the routine- 

unearth time and energy in your  normal routine by ritualising your daily habits.  

Cleaning the house  is far more stress relieving, and effective, when done to music.  Create daily routines to clean that toilet, sweep the floor, hang up the clothes, iron weekly or separate the recycling -enjoy the pleasure gained from an  uncluttered environment. 

Cook from scratch. Chopping vegetables and using fresh herbs and spices, all  stimulate your senses. Practising soothing skills of chopping and stirring transition you from a fraught day to a peaceful me time. 

Add in a bit of class to what ever you do, but do less.   Sit down with that cup of coffee or water, and take 5 minutes to bask in the sun, or watch the wind whipping the trees. 

You could well find the ritual means you complete your routine tasks more readily as they are soothing.

6. Revel in the mundane 

rather than seeing it as something to be endured.  

Life is made up of the ordinary with a bit of the fabulous thrown in.  Getting to work can be a chore or it can be an opportunity to do something of worth.  

Add on a few minutes to the commute and walk through a park, or listen to an audio book or a podcast as you clean and sort. 

Go to bed a little earlier to spend some quality time with your partner or with a good book.  

Basically, make the journey give you joy.

7.  Play with Process to Prioritise it 

enhance your learning , by always following the best process you can- 

use recipes,  check for best ways to do things,

follow the instructions and 

remember best is not necessarily the longest or most complicated. 

Look at the  clothes and food you buy, and the cosmetics you use- check the process used to make them,  

how long they last or effective they will be- 

cheap is often nasty for you, the environment  and the people who made it.

black framed eyeglasses

Play with technology, 

those smart phones and computers can offer a wealth of support.  

However, to be comfortable with them, 

you need to be familiar with them.  

Play, use, test and ask others what they use their phones for.  

Youtube and Vimeo videos cover processes from the 

basic to the complex and 

give visual as well as audio instructions 

to support your growth.  

Technology is here to stay, 

let it enhance your life to let 

you get on with personal growth and development.

8. Nurture Naturally Based options 

by using fresh ingredients for food, naturally based ingredients for cosmetics and toiletries, and spending time in nature.

Frozen or tinned food  is also good, as preservatives and additives are avoided. Nutritionally,  fresh is far stronger than prepared meals and preparing it feeds your spiritual side by allowing ritualising of food preparation that speaks to all the senses.  

Growing your own microveg gives you pleasure and spiritual well-being without commitment, yet can be done on a windowsill.  

Walking, days in national treasures, picnics in parks, all provide eco-wellness for your body and soul.  

You will find the options available  to you become clearer and decision making should be easier.

9. Tap into your inner soul-

Do courses and participate in health and alternative health sessions to see whether it will help you get closer to your plans and desires.  

Mindfulness Based Inner rePatterning, linked to  EFT (emotional Freedom technique) has been very useful to me recently.  EFT and  Daily Journals remain good supports to me to achieve my goals

Pure planning will not give you this wealth of choices.

Traditional planning is not thrown out entirely, however 

tapping into your inner dreams and desires, 

clearing the decks for focus and 

creating an environment more supportive of 

building on your assets and strengths and 

avoiding waste, toxins and unnatural chemicals, 

can only be good for achieving the life you want.