One of the commonest enemies of personal productivity, procrastination is oft accompanied by overwhelm and low output. Many people suffer from this – for me it is my scattered energy that makes me procrastinate on the many tasks I have. Join Elmien Riley and Pam Miller in a free introduction to their unusual approach to tackling procrastination: by teaching you organic, innovative skills and helping you overcome any blocks you may have.

Challenge process to harness scattered energy

Daily tasks that introduce you to alternative, yet simple ways of becoming more effective. Especially valuable for multi-passionate people who have scattered their energy amongst many projects and found their outputs have dropped.

Bonus tasks and activities to give more insight into your specific style and reasons behind you not reaching the goals you want. 5 days gives you a progression of insights and skill building that will stand you in good stead in your future.

This simple process,with the clarity of focused tasks and practicing of new skills, will harness your scattered energy , putting paid to any procrastination

Dealing with blocks creating procrastination

It is definitely possible that there are psychological blocks that discourage you from working productively and reaching your goals. Rapid Transformation Therapy will be introduced as a remedy for this.

Challenge platform -scattered energy & procrastination

Facebook is an easy platform, offering videos, interaction, safe groups and units that are saved for you to access when it suits you. It allows interaction, but not appointments at set times. You can work at your own time and pace and get feedback on your posts and insights. There will be a structured path for the 5 days, leaving you with a set of skills and a new understanding of what is holding you back from reaching your goals.

If this organic, research based innovative set of skills and approaches interests you- then there is a 3 week mentoring programme that elaborates on scattered energy and procrastination, as well as related issues, and ensures the skill sets are entrenched and blocks are tackled.