Few people do not want to improve productivity. However, learning how seems time consuming and laborious. A Power Hour can be applied speedily, and creates focus, saving you time and effort at the same time- bottom line, Power Hours improve your productivity whatever your field.

The Power hour is about focusing on what is important and doing that, with in self-imposed time limits. Time is like your income, we always live just outside it, and without clear goals we will not hit the target.  What is a bonus is that the more we do this, the quicker we get and I have been finding that very true as I use the system more and more.

The Power hour that I spoke about at a talk I gave in a Cosy Networking session in Edinburgh in December 2019, looks something like this: (each item is given about a minute or 2 unless otherwise specified)

Example of a Power Hour

This process involves steps specifically required to develop your network. It would be easy to believe that this is only necessary for people who do network marketing, however everyone needs to create a network.

  1. prayer or show gratitude in some way- 1 minute
  2. set 3 goals for this hour
  3. 10 minutes on social media commenting and interacting with friends’ posts
  4. 10 minutes on messages to people specifically on the posts related to something you’ve been discussing-not work-related
  5. 10 minutes creating a new post and posting it
  6. 10 minutes reaching up to 1 or two people who you think could become a customer in some way
  7. 10 minutes interacting with team members to either support, or gain support
  8. a few minutes updating your notes and setting dates based on your present interactions
  9. last five minutes on searching Facebook and possibly LinkedIn for venues/events or groups for the future

I will also be creating a power power for things like my administration which is a necessary evil: Updating my financial books, checking my bank statements, sending out invoices, as well as routine tasks like ordering stationery or choosing broadband providers.

I leave you with an article written about what looks like a first mention of the Power hour:


Let me know how you get on as I’m interested in how it works for everyone.=- did you improve your productivity with a power hour and what did you apply it to?