It is a daily struggle to be effective. In my pursuit of goal achievement I have come across a process that hits the sweet spot. It has given me consistent success in powering through the tasks that get me to my goals. It has some similarity to a power hour which is a longer period and can cover more tasks. Both rely on very short tasks and do not need the very linear planning, but rather works with organic goal setting and achievement.

Listen to the short, almost 3 minute audio clip where I explain how to be effective daily.

The sweet spot in your daily effectiveness

What are the 3 areas to rotate?

The 3 rotating tasks need to consist of 2 implementation ones The first is underlying admin or operations that need to be done regularly. Finance books, posting content, making calls, answering emails. The second is the big projects that you are working on. Not always done daily. It can be setting up a new CRM system, creating content, learning a new programme. The 3rd should be physical to allow you to refresh your mind on what the other 2 are doing, to assess and evaluate and plan ahead.

How does rotation improve effectiveness?

Avoid working on the same area repeatedly. You will become unfocused or you need to work on it repeatedly because you are unfocused. If you are clear in your mind about what you need to do to achieve your goal, you will have broken it down into tasks that are between five and 20 minutes long. Those are achievable within the Pomodoro timer. If you can’t do that spend half an hour on a walk doing something physical while trying to work out what your next short tasks are to achieve that goal. Then go and spend time implementing those.

How do I know what my next task is?

During the physical tasks, we have time to mull over what we want to achieve. Things we need to do pop up in our minds. Those are the tasks we need to tackle. They might not be hierarchically set in a plan, but the ones we know and understand will appear. Our subconscious will also be tackling concerns and obstacles. When our subconscious has time to evaluate and assess quietly, it will present us with insights that lay out our next steps. These too are the tasks we need to be tackling. When presented with a few tasks, pick the ones closest to making money or easiest and quickest.

Don’t I need to work with my natural daily rhythms to be effective?

Rotate tasks in a very active period, usually the morning. In the afternoon,focus more in one area or on one project BUT make sure to have clearly defined goals for each pomodora session to prevent project creep. By project creep I mean that you are going beyond the original goals. Rather stay focused on the original goal, complete that, and then set a new goal. Quick wins will motivate you, while ever expanding goals will exhaust you .