Achieving your life dreams is severely damaged by procrastination. I don’t think we are aware how much procrastination affects our lives. We note effects on projects, tasks, smaller goals. But we don’t often put it all together,seeing procrastination stops us reaching our life dreams, goals and visions.

why we procrastinate

Procrastination is something I suffer from, probably for various reasons, but I was more interested in addressing it. Why do I achieve some goals, but drag my feet on others? Why am I so competent, but feel I cannot do things in case other people say something? Am I scared of failure, or scared of success? I produce very good work, why am I striving for perfection?

Many of us do some or all of the above. There are so many things we want to achieve, are capable of achieving, but not getting there because we procrastinate.

Procrastination is a symptom of something bigger. We are not lazy or stupid. Instead, find our way around the tasks and dreams overwhelming us. We need to address the need to be perfect, the fears of failure or success, and the fear of not finishing.

tips for tackling procrastination

  • incorporate any of these worries and anxieties into your plan-worries are your body’s way of telling you these could scupper your plans so you need to address them.
  • Stop the negative talk and be positive. It’s not about “I have to” or “I must”, rather it is about “I choose to”.
  • Learn to say no. It can be an outright know to work that you know you don’t do well, or it can be a “yes, if…” And put in any corollaries or rhyders you want to ensure that you will get the work done in a way that suits you.
  • Don’t over plan-do small bits of the task. Anything from 5 to 15 minutes. Be a consistent starter and stop worrying about the end goal because that is overwhelming
  • Don’t try for perfection, try for done. You can always brush it up later. Trying for perfection on the first draft is a recipe for failure.
  • Schedule in consistent, regular playtime-it ensures your brain is innovative and creative and gives you rest time that refuels your body and mind.
  • Find your own way to get things done-your own systems, your own processes, and ensure you can break them up into small pieces.
  • read my blog post on being effective daily
  • take the 5 day challenge available in the units of the group Untangle|| Realign on Facebook.

what makes a peak performer?

Oddly enough workaholics and procrastinators see work similarly-that work is a burden and there’s no time for fun. Peak performers on the other hand often have guilt free play, in fact daily exercise and social interaction a few times a week is their norm. The other difference is peak performers practice positive talk. Workaholics and procrastinators practice negative talk.

learn more about procrastination and your life goals

I see this is such a big issue in the pathway of so many people who are not achieving their life goals and dreams. So much so, that we that we need to untangle from it, before we can realign with our Life dreams. On 1 December and 3 December we will be doing two masterclasses at 4 PM British time on the group ‘Untangle Realign‘ on Facebook: Untangle Procrastination and Realign with Mission. These will stay up in the units section of the group as it helps me reach my mission of helping people to find their voice through tackling procrastination and overwhelm.