‘Things’ are fleeting, but experiences leave us with memories and positive emotions. These lead to happiness via personal development according to ‘Time and how to spend it’ by James Wallman.

Find out which of 10 traits give you the most personal development, the first step in becoming the best you. This involves a questionnaire and then an online one to one session with Pam for your feedback.

Experiences lead to self development which leads to happiness

Choose experiences that give you the most benefit once you know your breakthrough point. And the activities don’t even have to cost anything. Walking alongside water or in forests is free, healthy and feeds your soul. Ensuring that these experiences lead to happiness.

tree reaching for the stars with be, do and have - experiences that  lead to happiness
Being, doing and having are all integral to growth

Isn’t it time to analyse your traits?

We often feel we know ourselves. But we developed often unknown traits and capabilities in response to life. That might be a life we are no longer living.

The personality test gives surprising insight and identifies critical areas. It identifies your unique break through point to speedy development. Pam will then offer steps you can take to achieve that development. The steps which encompass experiences that lead to happiness.

It is a wonderful, non-invasive way to gain insight that leads to achieving your goals. Goals in 3 areas- who you are, what you do, and what you are achieving.

If busy but nothing to show for it, this will highlight which area will show the most benefit. If you have achieved your goals but feel empty, what you need to tackle first will be identifie to fill that void. Ensure you practice experiences that lead to happiness and success.

As a gift to someone who values experiences over consumerism this will be a valuable gift.

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So useful is the personality test, that it forms the first step in 6 week Breakthru’ to Clarity workshop

Wonderful way to end the year and plan for a great new year and there are 3 options:

  1. take the personality test with individual input
  2. Join the Breakthru’ to Clarity Workshop (contains both 1 & 3 along with implementation)
  3. create a group for workshop on the 10 traits to BE, DO and HAVE what you have always wanted
  4. do 1 & 3 together

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