Taking a day ticket and doing a number of trips on the Turistrem or Albufeira tourist train for shopping, pleasure and just mooching about was a very happy experience early in my stay. Happy activity to get around, do your shopping and see the sights. (as at March 2022).

Child and family friendly and good for the less able with a helpful conductor and reliable times.

Times, prices and routes below .

Turistrem approaching stop 4 on the sunrise route

Two routes to choose from, and 10 stops gives you a good overview of Albufeira.

Both routes are always displayed at the stops. The route is only in one direction and only stops at the indicated places. Times and prices when you zoom in
the sunset route is no 2 and goes from west of old Town. A little difficult to find. Navigate from the top of the escalators where you are dropped from route 1. Go into old town and head up onto a bridge above the beach and the stop is just there near the museum, roughly above Praia dos Pescadores.
This no 1 route goes past the bottom of strip at the Oura, the top of the escalators at the beach for the Old town, past McDonalds and Continente, (fabulous cakes in a coffee shop just next to the stop with variable service), past the top of the Strip, and then the market and Aldi.