Daily Mail Sat, Jul 2, 2022 Youngsters fed a diet of junk food in TV shows https://pressreader.com/article/281784222788059

The facts speak for themselves, yet no regulations are brought in.

Around one in four Uk adults, and more than one in five children in their final year of primary school, are obese. Young people who are obese typically become adults with obesity, the researchers added.

They discovered that across Netflix and Amazon Prime, fatty, sugary and salty content appeared in 72 per cent of episodes and in 19 per cent of intervals. On CBeebies, such foods appeared in 26 per cent of episodes and ad breaks. In the weekday morning television slot on Channel 5 called Milkshake!, HFSS content appeared in 11 per cent of programmes and ad breaks, excluding mentions of ‘Milkshake’ itself.

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This is a failing of government to create an environment in which we can live well. Health costs are being created, quality of life is decreasing and early pensions increasing. Why is this happening?