Pam Miller

Multi interests as a trainer, speaker and pursuer of a more natural life has led me to a range of avenues that I follow.

The Avenues I follow

  •  International speaking on work/life skills

  • Training in
    • management,
    • culture generation &
    • productivity;
    • Hospitality.
    • Specialised in Recognition of Prior Learning approach.
  • Help women feel confidant and good about  their impact on the environment by curating capsule wardrobes of pre-loved clothes to suit their style, size and shape, and help them select anti-ageing and naturally based hair & skin products that make them glow.

Professional Speaking

TEDx speaker on work readiness skills- call me to

speak on the baseline skills needed to be successful in life and work.  Master of Ceremonies, workshop presentations and school motivational speeches.

Capsule Wardrobes of confidence building preloved clothes

Curated wardrobes of matched, good quality finds that suit your style, size and shape,that allow you to shine.

Training & Development

skilled trainer, curriculum writer and course developer  as well as radio programme host & interviewer for own developmental weekly programme

Organic Health & Wellness products

Build your shine from within, with gleaming hair and skin that glows from naturally based products that are vegan, natural, safe and ethical.

“Personally I love when I hear speakers who, when they speak, feel like they’re weighing every word they utter on the scale. Like they are thinking before they speaking.

 Pam does that. 

When she speaks you listen”

Fredrik Haren

Global Conference Speaker

“I consulted with Pam about a business dilemma I’m currently facing. After providing an explanation Pam was able to deconstruct it and give me a completely new perspective on it.

I must stress that after having discussed this dilemma ad nauseam with the people I work with and not reaching a useful conclusion, Pam’s assessment was incredible and has given me new more skilful direction.”


Regina Martins

Certified Scrum Professional

“I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about our industry, but even more importantly, she is an intuitive understanding of guest requirements, and so therefore the service she provides extends beyond merely checking for compliance to standard Operation Procedures. She also identifies acceptable variations to procedures that still ensure a quality guest experience.


Pam Miller’s reports are direct and to the point, and she is able to offer constructive builds because of her understanding of the customer service industry.”


Lance Hurly

Hotel Manager

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