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Everybody procrastinates.  Interesting though is that we keep putting off, not only what we dislike,  but so often what we really want, desire or even decided to do.   But although procrastination seems like a very human condition, people do so for different reasons.  

 The aim of this group is to help multi-passionate people with scattered energies who struggle with overwhelm to get more done calmly and practically.

 The approach is to look at both sides of the coin… Practical tips and techniques to help manage daily tasks to get more done and dealing with emotional blocks, like confidence, low self-esteem or feeling ‘I am not Enough’.  

 Untangle represents the process of letting go, of dismantling and taking the first step.

 Realign is resetting, restarting and refreshing with new positive mindsets, new workable techniques to manage procrastination and overwhelm. 


Mentor Pam Miller

Careers in Health, Education & Management have clarified a few things for Pam, a multipasionate, positive realist: She distills large issues down to manageable skills and analyses skills into a sequence of do-able tasks.  Pam believes in turning the knowledge and wisdom we gained in life into useful goals and systems for our next stage in life.  The best is yet to come!

Pam, works under Creatively Functional Lifestyle, with people who are stuck- two main groups: Multipassionate people who are needing help in managing their time to be able to reach their goals. Also, women above 45/50 who are entering a new stage of their life.  In both cases, Pam gives insight into what will give them momentum towards their new life. Mentoring of new skills and knowledge helps these women to harness their wisdom and energy to achieve their goals and dreams.

Mentor Elmien Riley

 After 20 years in the corporate world, Elmien embarked on a new life journey after she discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). She studied RTT with the remarkable Marisa Peer and now practices as an RTT Therapist and Coach.

Elmien works with clients under Mind Life Wellness on a range of issues like anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome, corporate burnout and insomnia. The value of RTT is in the rapid transformation that is able to take place as the technique finds the limiting and negative beliefs, enabling the client to release and live the life they were meant to live.  



Values and principles

Change is not easy, our brains hold on to what is familiar, but change is inevitable – it could be a decision you made, or forced upon you – but it leads you to a point where the old way of doing or thinking is not relevant anymore. You need a complete ‘reset’ and that ‘reset’ process is to untangle from bad routines, bad mindsets.

The next step is to Align with what you want to be doing – it is a thoughtful process.

Untangle and realigning is an active process.

Ultimately, the goal is to help you thrive through change, to give you calm and practical tools to align you to a more purposeful way of thinking and doing.  To become the person you want to be.

More about the mentors

Pam Miller

Personal development was Pam’s aim in life- to do more with what she had.  Honing skills, learning more, improving constantly.  Reading and speaking were her chosen formats.  Toastmasters gave Pam an outlet and framework for her skills and she loved the many clubs she joined as she moved around South Africa.   In Swakopmund, Namibia she was the driving force behind starting the Toastmasters Swakopmund Club 

Systems were another love of Pam’s.  Systems that helped you to work better, systems that led to understanding of the work you did, systems that made you more efficient and effective.  She drew on Covey strongly, as well as de Bono and Buzan.

Training was a key principle in all she did- always impart knowledge and share skills.  It was an ethos as well as a principle.  Supporting her work throughout her career, to one degree or another, teaching has been a large part of her approach to getting more done.

 As a registered nurse, Pam moved into Occupational health and after managing a clinic and taking it to new levels, she moved onto studying management as a way to get more depth to her career.

Elmien and Pam first met on their MBA at Stellenbosch University Business School in 2000.   Since then Pam has grown in her career, adding experience and entrenching skills and principles. 

Pam added Vocational Education and Training to her CV, with further qualifications and experience as a trainer and a manager of training establishments.  She ran her own Training Company for 14 years, impacting on Namibia’s Qualifications Landscape positively.  Through writing unit standards and participating in pilot studies, many students are better positioned in their careers.  Pam created a course for health carers and is pleased with the success of some students, and hospitality workers who she trained and mentored over the years.

A Tedx talk on Work Readiness Skills, those ones that are not job specific, was a high point of her time in Namibia.  This time sadly ended when the economy in Namibia crashed.  Not only did Pam stop the doctorate in Business she was working on, but had to close her training business and emigrate to the UK.

What was a total change in her world was navigated and this is what is driving her now to help others to Untangle and then Realign successfully as she has done.  Even though life is not always what we expected, it can be successful and happy.

Pam is now in Scotland doing direct selling of the Organic products she has always loved and dabbled in, as well as mentoring multipassionate people to be their best and encapsulate it in a book, with Elmien.

Elmien Riley

It feels like yesterday when I signed up for a Master in Business Administration (MBA). The anticipation of a whole new world, of learning, of really testing myself and the growth, development and intellectual stimulation that it will bring. 

 The thought of ‘not making’ it never really bothered me.  I was going to do it and I knew was was going to make it.

 Almost 20 years later, and I am writing the intro to a book.  It will be the first section I write and possibly the last one I review.  We go through life learning, gaining knowledge, but knowledge is only valuable when it gets applied and this book is a process of applying the learning, the wisdom, the insight gained on a personal and professional level. 

 So why write a book, you might ask?  Reviewing my career, there are moments that I am incredibly proud of, times when I thrived, had an impact and felt I was part of something bigger.  But then there were times that I wish I could time-travel back to a certain situation, discussion, interaction – with the wisdom and insight I have now and be bolder, less concerned, more assertive. 

 Looking  back over a 25+ year career, the metaphor of swimming in a river comes to mind.  There were times when I swam downstream, sometimes going into a side branch and having to swim upstream to get back.  Then there were the rapids, the calm waters, the waterfall.  Overall, I just always kept swimming.  Now, looking back, I wished I had the wisdom and insight to stop swimming, look around and recalculate.  But with a mindset that always said, work harder, work more, make sure everything is perfect, it was not an option. 

 So this book is aimed at exactly that – before you get swept into this stream of just doing more, working harder, continuous forward motion. Lift your head, see where you are, and recalculate.  Sometimes going slower is needed before you can go faster. 

 The work environment has changed, the world has changed, mindsets have changed, the way we build relationships have changed.  And it will continue to change. 

 The aim of this book is to help you lift your head, reorganise, relearn, review – untangle from what does not work, and realign to a better version of yourself. A version where you are more purposeful, more aware, where you do what works for you.

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