Breakthru’ to clarity and step into your vision with Untangle & Realign



Join us on this transformational journey 

of focussed personal development,

as we guide and mentor you  to create your own story to live the life you want to live. 

A transformational six weeks in a safe space,

to clarify your core goals and take the first steps to a new life. 

Six weeks starting mid September 2021.

Do you want to have personal development that:

      • Overcomes procrastination
      • Smashes self-doubt
      • Discovers your breakthrough point
      • Unearths goals you buried a long time ago
      • Goes from inertia to  growth?

    then read on and press that button

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If you life feel as tangled up as a set of Christmas lights, join our programme to align to a better future.

Have you reached a stage where you know you need to change, but either don’t know how or to what, or held back by disabling beliefs?

You are not alone.  And it is not too late.

Using transformational coaching and change mentorship we will walk with you to rewrite the next chapter of your story.

This stage will use your accumulated wisdom and skills, overcoming what seemed like insurmountable odds ahead.

This is the time to start reaching goals that you long gave up believing them to be unrealistic.

The best is yet to come!

Pam’s Personal Story

4 years ago I felt like I got lost somewhere in  life.  The Namibian economy meant my business failed dramatically. The business had benefited so many people in training and development, yet I was left with no money. I had to immigrate and start again in a world that didn’t recognise any of my three academic qualifications and 30+ years of experience.

I ended up working in a call centre earning not enough money to live on. I had to get over the heartbreak of my years of commitment, hard work and mistaken belief that doing the right thing would pay off.

I  had to rewrite my story, look at myself differently, in a different world and become sustainable.

I drew on my healing knowledge and experience from nursing, business management from my MBA and business consulting and the structured vocational education training and development processes that focus on getting quality work done, repeatedly.

This experience made me think of my mother, a woman who felt she had no one to turn to when I was young.  I don’t want other people to be in that much despair and loneliness- this needs to be a safe space to rekindle what is good in your life and set goals – we will show you how to reach those goals while you continue any treatment and therapy you are following.

My journey has lead me on a path to help women like me.  Women who find themselves having to rewrite their story, reconnect with themselves and design their next chapter in their lives. Because I have been there. That is how I know how to mentor you along your new story that marries the younger you with the new you in the modern world. I also know that within each of us is an immense strength and will power to build a life of purpose and happiness.

Mentor Pam Miller

Pam is one of the mentors of Untangle//Realign

I’ve worked with many people and companies to help them make a change to align their goals with their principles:

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Elmien’s Personal story

Within each person is an extraordinary power to heal.

After 20 years in the corporate world, I not only felt unfulfilled in my career, but felt as if I just didn’t ‘know’ myself anymore – I thought to myself: ‘Surely, this cannot be IT!!’ The thought of living the next chapter in my life, feeling unfulfilled, demotivated and living from the one deadline to the next, was not only scary, but made me feel anxious enough to make a huge change in my life.

At that time, discovered Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) and my life changed completely.  Trading a professional career in Marketing and Advertising to follow a life-long passion – learning to use the power of the subconscious mind to facilitate healing, was something I knew I had to do. I became a Rapid Transformational Therapist® and Coach and qualified through the remarkable Marisa Peer’s RTT® School.

I was able to update my own limiting beliefs and more importantly – found inspiration to pursue a new career in RTT as an RTT therapist and coach, I wake up every morning feeling excited, I do something I truly believe in and I make a difference, every single day. “Each of us have huge potential, but we waste so much energy on emotional issues. Through RTT we help clients transform, rapidly and permanent, to release energy and live a better life.”

Mentor Elmien Riley

Elmien, one of the mentors of Untangle // Realign

Introducing a 6 week programme to untangle from the past  and realign to an exciting future.

This is a journey for people who have reached the end of a stage in their life and want to continue their personal development.

People who are not sure about the next step or how to get there.

We help you find your breakthrough point as the foundation to  defining your unique goals. Whether it be career, retirement or income goals. We guide you along the process of

becoming the person you need to be, to do what you must, to have what you want-

to find your voice, to  become decisive, and

give you repeatable processes so you can do this over and over again.

You have a next stage of your life, let us help you find it and step into it.

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The six week untangle realign programme includes:

  • A structured plan using various processes
  • Mentors to guide and teach
  • A private Facebook group for participation
  • Learning modules to track your progress
  • Q&A sessions
  • Lives
  • Accountability buddies

You will get:

  • Processes that you can take and apply to other projects and events in your life.
  • An increased ability to verbalise what you want.
  • Clarity on what is important in your life.
  • Belief that not only are you entitled to get what you want in life, but also a belief that you can do it.
  • Personal development

    Is it time to untangle from old habits, routines and way of life and dealing to a more purpose-driven life?

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    You are entitled to be the person you’ve always wanted to be and have what you always wanted.

    Take this opportunity to jumpstart your transformation and change.

    Enjoy the championship of people around you, who understand that this is not as easy as it looks.

    What happens when the six weeks is over?

    You remain a part of the Untangle||Realign on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    You get our newsletters.

    You have a clear understanding of your potential.

    You have processes that you can reuse in your ongoing personal development,

    New courses and retreats available with Untangle//Realign.

    Bonuses now

    Personality test that identifies your breakthrough.

    Find your Passion 12 day course.


    Course starts mid September

    This is the first 6 week course we are offering hence the lower price of £160.   A great price as we have included elements that combine to more than £160:

  • Personality test for Break Through point in your personal development.
  • 12 day course of finding your passion
  • Daily lives or activities to progress you to living the life you want to be living

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    Frequently asked questions

    All answered in a saved live on 27th August on Facebook group Untangle||Realign

    1. How much time do I devote to this daily?
    2. What happens if I don’t have the desired change?
    3. What if I can’t make one of the sessions?
    4. What happens after the training?
    5. What is the community I will be part of?
    6. What if I have questions after the training?

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