Personal Development Plan Break Through Point


Personality test identifying your breakthrough point out of 10 traits.  You can now jump start your personal growth.  Includes online test and 121 online meeting and report


For an effective personal development plan, you need to know where your break through point is.  This test provides an analysis of the 10 pillars of capability- that ensure

you can be what you need,

to do what you must to

Have what you want.


This online test, with a 121 online meeting afterwards identifies and clarifies which is the break through point for you so you can speed up your personal development and become  who you want to be.

Your personal report ensures you can see what the other 9 pillars measures are so you can then start tackling them.

“I was surprised by my breakthrough- I hadn’t identified that as my problem, but it did explain why I did not have what I wanted!”


“My breakthrough point really got me thinking and working on it.  I did a lot since I learnt what it was and have grown a lot in the past year”


“Based on my breakthrough I have started studying a course at university – mature student!



The easy to understand personality test is really 10 individual tests with measures for each.  However,  they are grouped to clarify

  1. BE-self: who you are, your identity
  2. DO-Activity: what you do within the environment
  3. HAVE-products: that you create by building relationships

It gives a wonderfully clear understanding of where you are holding yourself back and what you can do about it- a jump start to growth even when you have been stagnating for years.  Your personal development plan will unfold in front of you with this analysis and the online meeting to clarify it with Pam with her years of experience in training and development.




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